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Bluetooth is a medium data rate wireless technology (~1-3 Mbps) that is an ideal fit with the increasingly prevalent mobile applications in the market today. Bluetooth is often a popular choice for customers looking for a wireless solution. The various Bluetooth application profiles enable many devices to interoperate with each other regardless of the manufacturer.


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Laird TRBLU23-00300 Bluetooth® Intelligent Serial Module PA

If you need greater range for your Bluetooth® applications, Laird Technologies’ TRBLU23-00300 Bluetooth® Intelligent Serial Module PA provides the ideal solution. It provides all of the features of Laird Technologies’ standard BISM, but incorporates both a power amplifier and a low noise signal amplifier that can provide Bluetooth® connections of up to 1,000 meters.

Development Tools

connectBlue OEM Starter Kit

OEM Serial Port Adapter Starter Kits
The OEM Serial Port Adapter Starter Kits connected to a PC are the fastest ways to get familiar and start integration of the connectBlue Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter (SPA) modules.They give developers an understanding of the Bluetooth module's functionality, configuration options, performance etc. The Starter Kits include OEM Module Adapter, Bluetooth Module, USB extension cable (USB kit only), Power cable for USB port (RS232 kit only), 9-pin Dsub serial cable (RS232 kit only), documentation and CD with documentation and software.

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Bluetooth Evaluation Kit 658-1018-ND
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Wireless UART (G) Bluetooth Development kit 647-1020-ND
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Bluetooth Development Kit 316-1157-ND
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Bluetooth Evaluation Kit 497-5792-ND
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Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth Modules
Bluetooth Modules allow a designer to implement the technology with little to no RF design expertise. Multiple options are available to fit your application requirements. More information about Bluetooth is available from

Bluetooth Modules are available from the following Suppliers:

Bluetooth Module TXRX 900MHz 3.3V-5.5V TTL 200MW AC4490-200M-ND
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Modem GPRS Quad DC Power RS-232 881-1030-ND
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