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Cellular Technology refers to a wide range of technologies for transmitting voice and/or data over a cellular network. Implementations include GSM/GPRS, CDMA, HSDPA, and other technologies. This technology is widely used in applications such as remote data collection, remote voice communication, and other mobile or remote devices. The increasing capabilities of cellular devices are allowing this technology to be integrated into more applications.


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Multi-Tech SocketModem®SocketModem® HSDPA Embedded Wireless Modem - Use Multi-Tech's Affordable SocketModem® HSDPA Wireless Modem for Your Wireless Communications Application

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Multi-Tech Cellular Development PlatformCellular Development Platform with CoreCDP™
Applications that require device networking capability can now be embedded directly onto select Multi-Tech modems. Multi-Tech’s Cellular Development Platform with CoreCDP™ is a complete hardware solution and a complete Linux environment in one. Nowhere else will you find an open Linux development environment and a fully certified hardware offering that includes multiple interfaces (including serial, Ethernet and SD card slot) and internal peripherals (including cellular modem and a GPS receiver) in one application-ready end user solution.

MTSMI-UDK   Universal Socket Modem Developer's Kit for Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. Socket Modems

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