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The ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) bands are open frequency bands, varying by region, that allow for operation without a license. These are also know as the unlicensed bands. In North America, these bands are the 260 ~ 470MHz, 902 ~ 928MHz, and 2.4GHz, among others. The 2.4GHz band is also utilized for worldwide operation. As a basis for unlicensed operation, these bands are often hosts for standardized and proprietary protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, etc.


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Linx ISM Transceiver IC for 315MHzLT Series Transceiver
The Linx Technologies LT Series offers bi-directional communication in the 260 ~ 470MHz ISM band. The transceiver is capable of generating +10dBm into a 50ohm load and achieves an outstanding typical sensitivity of -112dBm. The module allows for the transparent transfer of serial data at rates of up to 10kbps over distances of up to 3,000 feet from virtually any data source, including microcontrollers and transcoder chips.

Some Linx Technologies products include:
TRM-315-LT-ND ISM Transceiver IC for 315MHz
TRM-418-LT-ND ISM Transceiver IC for 418MHz
TRM-433-LT-ND ISM Transceiver IC for 433MHz
EVAL-315-LT-ND Evaluation Kit for 315MHz LT Series
EVAL-418-LT-ND Evaluation Kit for 418MHz LT Series
EVAL-433-LT-ND Evaluation Kit for 433MHz LT Series

LICAL-TRC-MTCT-ND Transcoder IC for Bi-directional Communication
Also available with MDEV-LICAL-MT-ND Development Kit

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Development Tools

LR Series Evaluation Kit 418MHz Linx
EVAL-418-LR-ND LR Series Evaluation Kit 418MHz

576-1606-ND RadioWire 850-950MHz Development Kit

AC164138-1-ND Daughter Card Audio PICTAIL

Silicon Laboratories
336-2246-ND Wireless Developement Kit for SI1020 at 915MHz

Texas Instruments
296-29691-ND Development Kit for CC1120

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Arteflex Power Amplifier ModuleModules for ISM
Modules can help reduce your overall design time by providing a proven RF design, and many provide a complete solution with the networking functionality also programmed into the device.

Artaflex, Inc.
748-1003-ND Power Amplifier Module (pictured)

Laird – Embedded Wireless Solutions
AC4790-1000M-ND 900MHz FHSS Transceiver Module

FCTN-RLY4-418-2-ND 4-Channel Relay Receiver Module 418MHz OEM

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Tx/Rx ICs

Micrel Transceiver IC for 410~450 MHz FSKTx/Rx ICs for ISM
The ISM bands include 260~470MHz, 902~928MHz and 2.4GHz. An RF Transmitter/Receiver/Transceiver can simplify your design by providing a complete RF solution requiring few external components.

Analog Devices, Inc.
ADF7020BCPZ-ND ISM Transceiver IC for 431~478MHz and 862~956MHz

428-2962-ND WUSB Transceiver IC 2.4GHz DSSS, GFSK

MC33696FCE-ND Transceiver IC for 304, 315, 426, 434, 868 & 915MHz, FSK/OOK

MAX1473EUI+-ND ASK Receiver IC for RKE 315/433MHz

576-1966-1-ND Transceiver IC for 410~450 MHz FSK

583-1095-1-ND Transceiver IC for 863~960MHz FSK/OOK

SX1211I084CT-ND Transceiver IC for 860~960MHz FSK/OOK

Silicon Laboratories
336-1630-5-ND Transceiver IC for 315, 433, 868, and 915MHz FSK

Texas Instruments
296-19583-1-ND CC1100 Transceiver IC for 300~348MHz, 400~464MHz, 800~928MHz

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260 ~ 470 MHz

260 ~ 470MHz for ISM260~470MHz for ISM:
The 260~470 MHz band is an unlicensed band in the US, and specific frequencies are available for use in different countries. Check local regulations for which frequencies are unlicensed for use in your area. In the US this band is controlled by the operation limits specified in CFR Title 47 part 15.231.


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Modules, Transmitter, Receiver, and Transceiver ICs

860 ~ 960MHz

860 ~ 960MHz for ISM860~960MHz for ISM:
The 860~960MHz band is popular in many countries due to the fact you can send almost any analog or data signal. More specifically, the 902~928MHz band in the US and the 868MHz band in the EU. The 902~928MHz band is an ISM band in the US, but check local regulations to see which frequencies are unlicensed to use in your area.
In the US, this frequency band is regulated by CFR Title 47 Part 15.247.

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Modules, Transmitter, Receiver, and Transceiver ICs
2.4 ~ 2.5GHz

2.4 ~ 2.5GHz for ISM 2.4~2.5GHz for ISM:
The 2.4GHz band is a popular ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band worldwide. Multiple channels are available depending on your region. Some popular applications used in this band include Bluetooth, WiFi/WLAN, and IEEE 802.15.4-based solutions. This band is limited for operation in the US under FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15.247 and 15.249 (Radiated Power Limits).

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Bluetooth Modules
WiFi Modules
802.15.4 Modules
Modules, Transmitter, Receiver, and Transceiver ICs
Product Training
ISM Product Training Modules (PTMs) available from Digi-Key

Analog Devices, Inc.
ADF7xxx ISM Transceivers
Practical Guide High Speed PCB Layout

Johanson Technology
RF Ceramic Chip Antennas

Wireless Communication with IrDA® Standard Protocol

SX1223 ISM Transmitter

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