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AVX Corporation - AVX Corporation supplies passive electronic components and interconnect products and serves a broad range of markets including: telecommunications, data processing, automotive, consumer, and medical sectors. In the wireless market, AVX offers a variety of RF Components.
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Featured Product

AVX LP0603 series of Low Pass FiltersLP0603 series of Low Pass Filters
The LP0603 series of Low Pass Filters is based on thin-film multilayer technology which provides a miniature package with excellent high frequency performance and rugged construction. The ITF Low Pass Filters are offered in a variety of frequency bands compatible with various types of high frequency wireless systems. The available frequency range is 900MHz~2.4GHz, power rating is 3W continuous and the operating temperature is -40°C to +85°C. Applications include mobile communications, satellite TV receivers, GPS Vehicle location systems, wireless LANs, and RFID.

RF Components

AVX AVX/Kyocera SMD ResonatorsAVX/Kyocera SMD Resonators
The AVX/Kyocera SMD resonators have a frequency range of 300~480MHz. They also have excellent temperature characteristics with a +100ppm to -250ppm frequency tolerance (-40 to 85°C). Applications include keyless entry systems, garage openers, and security systems.

Other AVX RF components include:
CX-96F-040.000-E0107 - Crystal 40MHz 5.0x3.2mm SMD
DB0603N2017ANTR - Coupler 3dB 90° 0603 SMD

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