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Abracon Corporation - Abracon Corporation supplies frequency control and magnetic components such as crystal oscillators, quartz crystals, ceramic resonators, filters, SAW devices, inductors, chokes, coils, and transformers.  Learn more about Abracon.

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Featured Product

Abracon AB26TR Series CrystalsAB26TR Series Crystals
Abracon's AB26TR Series Crystals feature excellent shock resistance, formed leads, and are reflow capable. These crystals are ideal for applications such as real-time clock, measuring instruments, clock source for communication, and Bluetooth and other wireless applications.

RF Components

Abracon ASFLM1 Series MEMS OscillatorsASFLM1 Series MEMS Oscillators
Abracon's new ASFLM1 Series MEMS Oscillators set new benchmarks for shock resistance for harsh environments. They have been tested up to 50Gs and have proven to be reliable with high frequency stability over temperature cycling, aging, and vibration.

Other Abracon RF Component products include:
AFS1 Series - Saw Filters for Cell Phone & GPS Applications
ABLS Series - Crystals for Micrel MICRF Series RF Transceivers
ASR Series - SMD SAW Resonators for Automotive/Remote Control Applications

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