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Bulgin - Bulgin Components designs and manufactures quality waterproof connectors, mains connectors, battery holders, EMI filters, fuse holders, indicators, vandal resistant LED's, vandal resistant switches, push button switches, toggle switches, and voltage selectors. In the RF market, Bulgin offers several RF coax cable assemblies, coax connectors, and coax accessories along with a couple USB Bluetooth adapters.  Learn more about Bulgin.

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Featured Product

Bulgin SMB Buccaneer ConnectorsSMB Buccaneer Connectors
The SMB Buccaneer are IP68 rated 50Ω SMB connectors which are available in two versions: re-wireable or pre-wired cable assemblies. They are designed for RG-174 cable and are rated for a frequency range of 0~4GHz.

PX0415/1 - Re-wireable SMB plug for RG-174 cable
PX0414/xMxx - Panel mount SMB Jack cable assembly
PX0416/xMxx - SMB plug cable assembly mates with PX0414
PX0485 - Sealing cap for PX0416 connectors

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