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CEL - CEL provides RF, optoelectronic and mixed signal semiconductor solutions. In the wireless market, the company offers a variety of RF transistors and FETs, amplifiers, prescalers, mixers, IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee modules, a RFID development kit, and a variety of RF switches for IEEE 802.15.4, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMax applications.  Learn more about CEL.

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Featured Product

CEL MMIC Amp 2.6Ghz CEL MMIC Amp 2.6Ghz
The UPC2712TB is a Silicon MMIC Wideband Amplifier manufactured using NEC's 20 GHz fT NESATTM III silicon bipolar process. This device is designed for use as buffer amps in DBS tuners. The UPC2712TB is pin compatible and has comparable performance as the larger UPC2711/12T, so it is suitable for use as a replacement to help reduce system size. This IC is housed in a 6 pin super minimold or SOT-363 package.

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CEL UPG2118K 3 Stage Power Amplifier3 Stage Power Amplifier
CEL's UPG2118K is a 1.5W, 3 stage power amplifier developed primarily for DCS/PCS1800 applications. With modified external matching the UPG2118K can be tuned from 800 to 2500MHz.

Other ISM/Other products include:
UPC3225TB-A-ND - MMIC Amplifier 6-Super Mini-mold
UPB1507GV-ACT-ND - MMIC Prescaler 3GHz 8-SSOP
UPC2756TB-A-ND - MMIC Down-Converter SOT-363

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RF Components

CEL UPC2711TB Silicon Monolithic ICSilicon Monolithic Integrated Circuit
CEL's 's UPC2711TB is a silicon monolithic integrated circuit which is manufactured using the NESAT™ III silicon bipolar process. These devices are designed for use as buffer amps in DBS tuners.

Other RF Components products include:
UPC2712TB-ACT-ND - MMIC Amplifier 2.6GHz SOT-363
UPC2746TB-ACT-ND - MMIC Amplifier 1.5GHz SOT-363
UPC2711TB-ACT-ND - MMIC Amplifier 2.9GHz SOT-363

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