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dresden elektronik - GmbH develops and manufactures customized solutions for low power radio data transmission based on standard IEEE 802.15.4. Designed for the frequency ranges 2.4 GHz and 868/915 MHz the main field of application is ZigBee ®, 6LoWPAN and proprietary ISM, also being suitable for RF4CE and WirelessHART TM . A wide range of wireless components, software and analyzing tools is offered. dresden elektronik supports the integration of 802.15.4 wireless solutions into customer projects at any stage of the development process. Embedded in the Silicon Saxony the company has been offering development and engineering services to OEM customers for 20 years.
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Featured Product

dresden deRFmega128-22C00 Radio ModulesdeRFmega128-22C00 Radio Module
The deRFmega128-22C00 solderable radio module includes Atmel’s Single-Chip ATmega128RFA1, which combines an 8-Bit AVR microcontroller with a 2.4 GHz transceiver.

Development Tools

dresden deRFdevelopmentKit mega128 development platformdeRFdevelopmentKit mega128 development platform
The deRFdevelopmentKit mega128 is a development platform for dresden elektronik’s Radio ModulesLink-Symbol deRFmega128-22A00 and deRFmega128-22A02 based on Atmel’s ATmega128RFA1. The kit enables a fast adaption of the module interfaces as well as a fast start-up and test of simple wireless radio applications.

The Development Kit contains two Sensor Terminal Boards, three deRFtoRCB adapters, three deRFmega128-22A00 Radio Modules, connecting cables and extensive software and documentation on CD.

The Sensor Terminal Board features universal screw couplers which provide access to all pins of the RF Radio Module. Additional on-board components such as two LEDs, one button, one temperature sensor and an external SRAM can be directly used for simple applications. The deRFtoRCB adapter allows the easy migration of the Radio Controller Boards (RCBs) to the more compact deRF Radio Modules because of interface compatibility provided by the adapter. Thus already existing Sensor Terminal Boards in connection with a deRF Module and a deRFtoRCB adapter can be used in the system.


dresden deRFmega128-22C00 Radio ModuledeRFmega128-22x0x Radio Modules
The pluggable compact radio modules deRFmega128-22A00, deRFmega128-22A02 and the solderable radio module deRFmega128-22C00 and deRFmega128-22C02 include Atmel’s Single-Chip ATmega128RFA1, which combines an 8-Bit AVR microcontroller with a 2.4 GHz transceiver.

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