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Laird – Embedded Wireless Solutions - Laird – Embedded Wireless Solutions designs and supplies customized, performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronics applications including complete radio frequency (RF) modules and systems. Their RF products include a variety of transceivers, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11 b/g modules, antennas, and design kits associated with their products.
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Development Tools

AC4490LR-200M design kitAC4490LR-200M Design Kit
The SDK-AC4490LR-200M is designed to allow flexibility at the hardware interface level so that the SDK can be interfaced to the OEM product, to a PC for performance testing, or to any other device that will support +5/3.3V TTL, RS232, RS485 or USB interface signals. The SDK is a complete, integrated package that contains all the hardware, software and documentation needed to integrate an OEM transceiver quickly and painlessly.

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Laird Antennas Wide Bandwidth Wireless Antennas
Laird Technologies wireless device antennas features wide bandwidth to enhance the performance and application of portable wireless devices based on standards such as 802.11 and Bluetooth.

Other Laird Technologies Antennas include:
0600-00020-ND - Antenna 868MHZ 1/2 WAVE 7" RA MMCX
637114-ND - Antenna 1575MHZ SMA MAG
0600-00019-ND - Antenna 915MHz 1/2 Wave 7" RA MMCX

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EZURiO BISM2 ImageBISM2 Bluetooth Serial Module
Ezurios's BISM2 Bluetooth serial module is a fully integrated and qualified Class 1 Bluetooth solution designed for the lowest cost of integration and ownership for designers wishing to incorporate Bluetooth functionality into products.

Other Laird Bluetooth products include:

TRBLU23-00200-ND - Bluetooth Module BISM II
BISMS02BI-ND - Bluetooth Module BISM II SMD
BRBLU03-010A0-ND - Bluetooth Adapter USBII V2.0+EDR

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Laird CL4490Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Radio
The CL4490 transceiver is a Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radio designed for license-free operation in the 900MHz ISM band. Out-of-the box, the radio sustains a standard asynchronous serial data stream between two or more radios.

Other Laird ISM/Other products include:
CL4490-1000-PRO-ND - TxRx 900MHZ Pro 1W W/ANT DB9
CL4490-1000-UPR-SP-ND - Connexlink Pro SP
AC4790LR-200M-ND - TxRx 900MHz 3.3-5.5V FHSS 200mW

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