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Melexis - Melexis designs and manufactures products for the automotive sector, for which it offers a multitude of sensor ICs, ASSPs and ASICs. In the wireless market, Melexis supplies a selection of RF receivers and transceivers, RFID transceivers, and evaluation kits for associated with their products.  Learn more about Melexis.

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Featured Product

Melexis MLX71120 RF ReceiverRF Receiver
The MLX71120 is a multi-band, single-channel/dual-channel RF receiver based on a double-conversion superheterodyne architecture that can receive both FSK and ASK modulated signals. The IC is designed for general purpose applications for example in the European bands at 433MHz and 868MHz or for similar in North America or Asia, e.g. at 315MHz or 915MHz.

Development Kits

Melexis Evaluation Kit for MLX90121Evaluation Kit for MLX90121
Melexis Inc.'s EVB90121 is an assembled module that allows one to evaluate the advantages of the MLX90121 13MHz transceiver IC and to facilitate the development of RFID applications.

Other Development Kits include:
DVK90109-ND - Development Kit for the MLX90109
DVK90129-ND - Development Kit for the MLX90129

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Melexis Superheterodyne Receiver ICSuperheterodyne Receiver IC
The TH71102 FSK/ASK double conversion superhet receiver IC is designed for applications in the 433MHz ISM band. Features include low current consumption in active mode and extremely low standby current. Also includes switchable LNA gain for improved dynamic range, and RSSI for signal strength indication.

Other ISM/Other products include:
MLX71120KLQ-ND - Receiver FSK/FM/ASK 32-QFN
TH71111ENE-ND - Receiver FKS/FM/ASK 32-LQFP 

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Melexis 13.56MHz RFID Transceiver13.56MHz RFID Transceiver
The MLX90121 is an ISO compliant 13.56MHz RFID transceiver integrated circuit that includes user selectable modulation depth in write mode, whereas single sub-carrier ASK, FSK, and PSK modulations are recognized in the read mode.

Other RFID products include:
MLX90121EFRCT-ND - RFID TxRx 13.56MHz 20-SSOP

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