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Murata Electronics - Murata Electronics is an integrated electronic components manufacturer specializing in the research and development of a broad spectrum of functional ceramics. In the RF market, Murata offers chip antennas, filters, coax connectors, baluns, and a wide variety of RF specific capacitors.
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Featured Product

Murata CDSCB10M7 SeriesCDSCB10M7 Series
Murata's CDSCB10M7 series forms a resonator on a piezoelectric ceramic substrate. In combination with ICs, this type obtains stable demodulation characteristics in a wide bandwidth.
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RF Components

Murata SFECF10M7 Series FM-receiversSFECF10M7 Series FM-receivers
Murata's SFECF10M7 series for FM-receivers are small, high performance and super thin (1.4mm max.) filters with a wide variety of bandwidths available.

Other RF Components products include:
490-1063-1-ND - Common Choke Mode 67Ω 0805
490-1041-1-ND - Ferrite Chip 1000Ω 200mA 0805
490-1229-1-ND - Filter 10.7MHz 110KHz Bandwidth
490-4721-1-ND - Discriminator SMD for NXP SA605

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