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TDK - TDK strives to ceaselessly to turn out a variety of products and services making use of its materials technology, centering on ferrite and ceramics, and processing technology, which draws out the properties of materials to the maximum degree. In the wireless market, TDK offers several antennas, bandpass filters, and baluns.  Learn more about TDK.

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Featured Product

TDK Hybrid Log Periodic AntennaHybrid Log Periodic Antenna
The Hybrid Log Periodic Antenna is an extended frequency broadband antenna intended for measurements in an anechoic chamber, open area test site, or in situ. Especially suited for wideband testing of radiated emissions from electrical and electronic equipment.

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TDK Surface Mount Multilayer AntennaSurface Mount Multilayer Antenna
Steward's ANT8030 surface mount ceramic multilayer capacitor is rated for a center frequency of 2.45GHz with a 100MHz bandwidth.

Other TDK products include:
445-3719-1-ND - Multilayer 2.4GHz SMD Antenna
445-3409-ND - Horn 1GHz~18GHz Antenna
445-3408-ND - Log Periodic 30MHz~3GHz Antenna
445-3385-1-ND - Chip UWB 3.1~5.2GHz Antenna

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RF Components

TDK ZCAT Series Clamp FiltersZCAT Series Clamp Filters
TDK's ZCAT Series cable clamp filters’ unique plastic case ensures simple, convenient installation and includes a self-holding mechanism to prevent slippage on cables. The ferrite core provides excellent absorption of high-frequency EMC which serves as a highly effective countermeasure against common mode EMC without an adverse effect on signal quality. Also, the large core size prevents saturation during large signal surges. Ideal applications for these filters include personal computers, word processors, monitors, hard disk drives, digital telephones, audio devices, electronic musical instruments, video games, copiers and facsimiles.

Other TDK products include:
445-2038-ND - Filter Cable/Clamp 50ohm 3-5mm
445-1547-1-ND - Ferrite Chip 600ohm 500mA 0603
445-3263-1-ND - Diplexer 2.4/5GHz W-LAN 1206 SMD

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