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Taiyo Yuden - Taiyo Yuden manufactures surface-mount and leaded passive components, Bluetooth modules, power electronics modules, power supplies and recordable digital media. In the wireless market, Taiyo Yuden offers, through Digi-Key, several antennas, RF specific capacitors, EMI common mode chokes, and EMI ferrite beads.  Learn more about Taiyo Yuden.

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Featured Product

Taiyo Yuden 2.4Ghz Antenna2.4Ghz Antenna - Taiyo Yuden's 2.4Ghz Antenna AH104F2450SI-T

 •  Stable, high performance
 •  Wide bandwidth of 2400~2500MHz
 •  10mm x 4mm x 1mm surface mount package

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Taiyo Yuden 2.4 GHz multilayer antenna2.4 GHz multilayer antenna
Taiyo Yuden's AH083F245001-T 2.4 GHz multilayer antenna features extremely stable performance characteristics in a 8 mm x 3 mm x 1mm surface mount package.

Other Taiyo Yuden products include:
587-1726-1-ND - Antenna Multilayer 2.4GHz Wide-Band
587-1727-1-ND - Antenna Helical 2.4GHz Wide-Band

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RF Components

Taiyo Yuden FI212 0805 RF filter seriesFI212 0805 RF filter series
Taiyo Yuden's FI212 0805 RF filter series is available in either a low pass or band pass configuration and with varying center frequency options.

Other Taiyo Yuden products include:
587-1728-1-ND - Filter Band Pass 2.4GHz
587-1729-1-ND - Filter Balance Band Pass 2.4GHz
587-1730-1-ND - Filter Digital TV Low Pass

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