Low Profile DC/DC DOSA 6 A and 12 A Converters - SLDM Series

Bel's SLDM-06D1Ax and SLDM-12D1Ax DC/DC converter modules deliver up to 6 A and 12 A output current, respectively

Image of Bel Fuse's Low Profile DC/DC DOSA 6 A and 12 A Converters - SLDM SeriesBel introduces the SLDM-06D1Ax and SLDM-12D1Ax DC/DC converter modules, which deliver up to 6 A and 12 A output current, respectively. New developments require high energy density, and SLDM components can easily find place in tight areas. Bel chose the name SLDM to underline the best feature of this component: the height is only 2.8 mm. The very low profile converter measures 11.43 mm x 20.32 mm x 2.8 mm. Most of the time, a point of load cannot be mounted below a card because its profile exceeds the maximum available space. SLDM‐06D1Ax and SLDM‐12D1Ax can easily find space in underneath boards, mezzanine, and very dense power applications. PMBus™ on board of both components meets customer demand of complete power train control. Using a 3-wire interface (data, clock, and GND) is possible to configure, control, and monitor the DC/DC converter. Power system architects can easily control all power functions and flexibility reaches new level that was not possible with traditional architecture.

Features and Benefits
  • DOSA approved footprint
  • Output over current protection (non‐latching)
  • Power good signal
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Remote on/off
  • Wide input voltage range: (3 VDC to 14.4 VDC)
  • Wide operating temperature range (‐40°C to +105°C)
  • Output voltage programmable from 0.6 VDC to 5.5 VDC via external resistor
  • Fixed switching frequency with capability of external synchronization
  • Tunable Loop™ to optimize dynamic output voltage response
  • Compliant to IPC‐9592 (September 2008), Category 2, Class II
  • Industrial
    • PLC
    • Logic control
    • POE
    • Industrial PC
  • Datacom
    • Storage
    • Servers
    • PC architectures
  • Telecom
    • Carrier Ethernet
    • DWDM
    • Switches
    • Radio link
    • Base station
    • Gateway
    • Pizza box
    • ROADM

SLDM Series Low Profile DC/DC Converters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - Output 4Current - Output (Max)Available QuantityView Details
DC DC CONVERTER 0.45-5.5VSLDM-06D1ALGDC DC CONVERTER 0.45-5.5V-6A0View Details
DC DC CONVERTER 0.45-5.5VSLDM-12D1ALGDC DC CONVERTER 0.45-5.5V-12A0View Details
Published: 2018-01-26