SEN5x Sensor and Evaluation Kit

Sensirion's sensor solution delivers reliable air quality measurement data

Image of Sensirion's SEK-SEN5x Evaluation Kit Sensirion's SEN5x environmental node is an all-in-one sensor solution for the accurate measurement of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxidizing gases (NOx), as well as humidity and temperature. Thanks to proprietary algorithms, the module enables straightforward integration into customer applications. This allows device manufacturers to save valuable project time as well as personnel resources and to focus on their core competencies. End customers receive reliable air quality measurement data based on the SEN5x and benefit from improved air quality to increase health and comfort.


  • Less R&D, BOM, and assembly costs thanks to an all-in-one sensor solution; only one environmental node instead of various sensor components required
  • Algorithms integrated: temperature compensation, VOC/NOx index calculation, and humidity compensation
  • Fast hardware design: optimized and tested flow channel geometry and design-in examples
  • Dust-protection and long lifetime: sheath-flow technology and high-quality components (including SHT4x and SGP40)


  • Humidity sensing: RH accuracy ±4.5%
  • Temperature sensing: T accuracy ±0.45°C
  • Particulate matter sensing:
    • Mass concentration precision for PM1 and PM2.5: ±5 µg/m³ and 5% m.v.
    • Mass concentration precision for PM4 and PM10: ±25 µg/m³
  • VOC sensing: <±15 VOC index points or % VOC index m.v. (the larger)
  • Oxidizing gas sensing: <±15 NOx index points or % NOx index m.v. (the larger)
  • Air purifiers
  • Air conditioners
  • HVAC/ventilations systems
  • Air quality monitors

SEN5x Sensor

ImageNúmero de peça do fabricanteDescriçãoTipoPrecisãoSaídaAvailable QuantityVer detalhes
ENVIRONMENTAL NODE FOR PM, VOC,SEN55-SDN-TENVIRONMENTAL NODE FOR PM, VOC,Umidade, NOx, material particulado, temperatura, VOC±4,5% URI²C530 - ImmediateVer detalhes
PM, VOC, RH & T SENSOR MODULESEN54-SDN-TPM, VOC, RH & T SENSOR MODULEUmidade, material particulado, temperatura, VOC±4,5% URI²C0Ver detalhes

SEK-SEN5x Evaluation Kit

ImageNúmero de peça do fabricanteDescriçãoTipo de sensorConteúdos fornecidosPeça / CI utilizadoAvailable QuantityVer detalhes
EVALUATION KIT FOR SEN5XSEK-SEN5XEVALUATION KIT FOR SEN5XQualidade do ar interno (IAQ)PlacasSEN5x5 - ImmediateVer detalhes
Updated: 2022-02-01
Published: 2021-07-14