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Image of KEMET C4AQ-M Series Capacitors
C4AQ-M Series Capacitors

KEMET’s C4AQ-M capacitors are automotive-qualified and are used in power converter circuits for DC filtering and energy storage.

Image of KEMET MPEV Series Power Inductors
MPEV Series Power Inductors

KEMET’s MPEV power inductors are metal composite inductors ideal for use in DC to DC switching power supplies, as power inductors as well as EMI filter inductors.

Image of Nexperia Resistor Equipped Transistors (RETs)
Resistor-Equipped Transistors (RETs)

Nexperia’s resistor-equipped transistors (RETs) combine transistors with attendant resistors for space- and cost-saving solutions.

Image of Omron's E3AS-HL CMOS Photoelectric Sensors
E3AS-HL CMOS Photoelectric Sensors

Omron's E3AS-HL CMOS photoelectric sensor family solves challenging part detection applications using a red laser light source.

Crystal Based Solutions from ublox
Crystal Based Solutions

u-blox has created alternative options to TCXO solutions affected by the AKM fire, providing great crystal based products rather than TCXO solutions, offering the same footprint with a few minor performance differences. Browse their products at Digi-Key today!

Image of Texas Instruments' TMUX4157N General Purpose Switch
TMUX4157N -12 V Low RON, 2:1 (SPDT) General-Purpose Switch

Texas Instruments' TMUX4157N 2:1 (SPDT) general-purpose switch is ideal for systems that need to quickly switch between two different voltage inputs.

Image of Texas Instruments' TPSM5D1806 Single 12 A Output Power Module
TPSM5D1806 Dual 6 A, Single 12 A Output Power Module

Texas Instruments' TPSM5D1806 step-down DC/DC power module has a pinout that is designed for simple PCB layout, low EMI, and excellent thermal performance.

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS62903 High-Efficiency and Low IQ Buck Converter
TPS62903 High-Efficiency and Low IQ Buck Converter

Texas Instruments' TPS62903 high-efficiency and low IQ buck converter is suitable for applications such as building automation and factory automation.

STEVAL-ISA211V1 Wide-Range Flyback Converter - STMicroelectronics
STEVAL-ISA211V1 Wide-Range Flyback Converter

STMicroelectronics' 24 V / 100 W output flyback converter is designed to suit a variety industrial and photovoltaic auxiliary power supply applications.

Image of TRACO Power's TSR 1.5E Switching Regulator
TSR 1.5E Switching Regulator

TRACO Power's TSR 1.5E 1.5 A high-efficiency switching regulator is a drop-in replacement with a wide input range.

Image of ON Semiconductor's STR-CURRENT-SENSE-GEVB Evaluation Board

ON Semiconductor's STR-CURRENT-SENSE-GEVB provides an easy-to-use evaluation kit suitable for use with a wide range of current sense amplifiers.

Image of KEMET's QDA Series Line Sensor Arrays
QDA Series Line Sensor Arrays

KEMET's QDA linear arrays utilize unique thin-film pyroelectric PZT material to offer outstanding resolution and performance across a wide IR wavelength range.

Image of KEMET's QDC Series Analog Sensors
QDC Series Analog Sensors

KEMET's QDC thin film pyroelectric food sensors can be reduced in physical size and still provide high sensitivity with fast frequency operation.

Image of Molex's SMP Subminiature RF Connectors
SMPM and SMP RF Connectors

Molex's SMP subminiature connectors offer excellent performance from DC to 40 GHz.

Image of CUI's PBO Series AC/DC Power Supplies
PBO Series AC/DC Power Supplies

CUI’s PBO series provides power in the most space-constrained applications while retaining efficiency.